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"Seek knowledge from cradle to grave."
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Learn the Quran Online
in 3 Easy Steps

1. One Click Registration

Just Click Here which will guide you to the online Quran learning course registration page. You can Sign up for learn Quran online free Trial session simply after filling in your name and contact information.

2. Schedule Free Trial

After getting your registration information, we will be able to contact you about suitable time for your free "Quran Trial Class".

2. Schedule Free Trial

Upon receiving your registration, We will contact you back to set your convenient time for free online Quran learning classes Trial Session and provide you overview about our Quran teaching process.

3. Start Taking Your First Class

After picking up ID & Password, Just Sign in to Skype and start taking your learn Quran with Tajweed class with our Online Quran Teacher.

3. Start Taking Your First Class

Login to our Student Portal with the provided credentials and start taking your first class with one of our online Qaari (Quran Tutor).

Who We Are


At MyLearnQuran, we reinvented online Quran learning classes in the style of 1-on-1 learning. This remote learn Quran course will provide you smooth recitation of Holy Quran. We are also committed to educate the Islamic History, Fundamentals of Islam, and Islamic Culture etc. Our core goal is to educate Muslims by online Quran learning academy.

Why choose My Learn Quran Academy

We are responsible for all results. We will be in contact with you about progress of your child. The ease of home, Own selected time, assistance of parents and guidance of professional experienced Quran Teacher will make the learning Quran online at home a lot of easier. Accordingly you can depend on us, we will never disappoint you.


Customer Says ?

Are you looking for Trial Session?

Our Trial session is totally free, You can judge our Quran Learning Service and teachers, Then you are free to decide continue or discontinue Online learning Holy Quran with us.

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