2 Days Online Quran Learning Classes at Weekend


Weekend Learning Quran Online at Home Course you can learn:

*  Noorani Qaida (Basic Quran Reading).

 Learning Quran Recitation Online.

 Duas/ Kalmas/ Prayer etc.

 Learn QuranTafseer Online. 

 Islamic Studies

This course is specially for those people who have no time throughout the working days, They can manage their course contents and time according to their availability at weekend. This Online course provides student very comfortability, if he/she is anywhere in the world he/she can just connect his/her Skype through his/her laptop/Tab/Mobile and start learning.  This course is not suitable for memorization of complete Quran. This course suits for Reading of Quran with correct accent, Islamic Duas, Kalmas, How to pray and Islamic Studies. 

Course can be modified mean you can select Basic Quran Reading (Noorani Qaida) with memorization of Duas, kalmas etc or you can adjust Islamic studies with Tafseer etc it depends on your choice or requirements. 



Some Other courses are:

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