Learn Quran Course 3 Days a Week

3 days Learn Quran Online

In Learn The Quran Online 3 Days Per Week Course you can learn:

*  Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed

*  Learn Quran Basics  (Noorani Qaida) with Tajweed.

 Learn Quran Memorization.

 Kalmas, Duas, Prayer etc.

 Quran Pak with Tafseer

 Arabic Language. 

We offer three days a week Online Learning of Quran by Experienced Quran Teachers. Course Covers Basic Quran Reading with Tajweed as well as Tafseer, Memorization of Kalmas, Duas and Prayer. This course is suitable for those persons & children who have some busy schedule. They can select any three days of week and can adjust course contents according to their suitability. We have no restrictions about course contents, its totally up to you. Student can change his/her lesson plan anytime when he/she want. We have friendly and flexible environment.

We designed our online Quran learning Institute to teach Holy Quran with Tajweed and exact accent.  Our experienced Tutors (male & female) teach Quran to students of all ages and languages. Our teachers are very expert in Memorization of complete Quran (Hifz-e-Quran), Islamic Study (Subject) and Learn Quran with Urdu Translation and with English Translation, especially for kids.

Some Other courses are:

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