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Select any suitable time which is most convenient for you to attend exclusively designed our Online Quran Academy course. After your selection our experts will contact you within next 24 hours by Skype/phone or email. 

Our expert teachers specially concentrate on Tajweed rules. We offer best online Quran learning with Tajweed. We specially guide Kids with Norani Qaida lesson about the identification of Arabic alphabets, learn tanween, Indgham, Iqlab, Ikhfa, Harakaat, Zair (Kasra), Sakoon (Jazam, Madda and leen letters,Dammah (Paish, rules of Meem sakin, Learn standing Fatha etc.

We designed our online lessons to teach Quran in minimum time with Tajweed. Our expert Qari’s and Qaria’s teach Quran to students of all ages and languages. Our Qari’s and Qaria’s are very expert in Hifz-e-Quran, Islamic Study and Quran with Translation (Urdu/ English) especially for kids.


(Noorani Qaida)

This is the basic course for early ages of kids & adults who have no knowledge of Arabic words and Quran reading. This course includes Noorani Qaida, which is the basic book to understand the Arabic words correctly.

(Quran Recitation)


Our expert teachers teach Norani Qaida in the start, and guide them to the exact accent of the Arabic words, after identification of Arabic basic words; Quran teacher guides them to the Quran lessons.


Quran memorization is one of the best courses offered by us. In this program, the learner memorizes the entire Holy Quran step by step. It’s not an easy task and it has a great reward from Allah Almighty. This course takes 2 years normally to complete this glorious task.

Quran with Translation
(Urdu/ English)

In this course Quran Teacher teaches you the translation of Quran from Arabic to English/Urdu or Hindi. This is the better way to understand the Holy Quran.


In this course our expert teachers help the people to understand Allah’s message in correct way. Through their lessons you can get right knowledge of life. This course provides the opportunity to understand the Islam and The Holy Quran in a better way.

Islamic Studies

Islamic education is very essential for us especially if our families are living in western culture. Islamic education is very important for our children, so that they are able to absorb our holy religion even after living in western culture. Islam is our identification so we should certainly not to forget it. 

We also offer these services.

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  • Learn Quran quickly.
  • Learn Quran in one year.
  • Learn Quran meaning in English.
  • Online Quran for adults.
  • Learn Quran recitation.
  • Learn Quran reading very simple and easy.
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  • Learn Quran for beginners.
  • Learn Quran for adults.
  • Learn Quran Tafseer Online.
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